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In the documentation of phantomjs they say the following:

Error Handling To easily catch an error occured in a web page, whether it is a syntax error or other thrown exception, an onError handler for the WebPage object has been added. An example on such a handler is:

page.onError = function (msg, trace) {
    trace.forEach(function(item) {
        console.log('  ', item.file, ':', item.line);

Now if the page opens a site with some JavaScript exceptions, a detailed information (including the stack trace) will be printed out.

Well, I have created a few 'broken' pages (pages where the javascript causes an exception) and I get the error that gets thrown but nothing in the trace

Can somebody help ?

Here is an example of a case I had:


<script src='broken.js'></script> 

script: broken.js

1. // this script is broken at line 5.
2. // 
3. var i=20;
5. i = somethingThatDontExist
7. // we will never be here...
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Can you present a reproduceable test case? –  Ariya Hidayat Jan 25 '13 at 1:34
@AriyaHidayat Yes, sure. I have added into my query. Many thanks for stepping in. –  Zo72 Jan 29 '13 at 9:30

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