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Why the next Facebook FQL:

select column_name from columns where table_name = 'user' order by column_name

return are different list of columns then in api page

for example it return field 'can_viewer_send_poke_message' but facebook tell that

(#602) can_viewer_send_poke_message is not a member of the user table

So, I just trying to automate process to keep some hql queries with full list of Columns of each hql table.

May be is there some other way to get for each table column list as string separated with ","?

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@Igy: Care to give us an explainer on this one? – cpilko Jan 25 '13 at 1:35

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This is a private field for Facebook Developers of the Official Poke Application for iPhone. It checks whether the users listed (friends) can use the poke application.

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