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I've been searching high and low on this problem. Still can't find the solution. Basically, I want to transfer an encrypted file via OBEX Push Service (bluetooth) from client (j2me) to server (j2me). In emulator, it works fine. Client able to successfully do a bluetooth discovery lookup on the server.

But, when I put the application inside my phone. It doesn't show anything at all. I guess it might be a server or client url problem.

Can anyone help me?

Here's some of my code (most probably is this that cause my problem).


discoveryAgent.searchServices(null,new UUID[] { new UUID(1105) },
  (RemoteDevice) list.getRemoteDevices().elementAt(i), this);


sn = (SessionNotifier)

I tried replacing 1105 (in the server) with "00112233445566778899AABBCCDDEEFF", but still the same result.

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if this works on emulator but not on device, add which device you're using to your question. both client and server please. – michael aubert Sep 28 '09 at 18:51

The way you use UUID is incorrect. I am surprised it even works in emulator.

You need to create UUID like this,

UUID uuid = new UUID("1105", true);

and use the same uuid in searchServices and URL. For example,

String url = "btgoep://localhost:" + uuid + ";name=ObexPushServer;authenticate=false;master=false;encrypt=false";
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Hi, Forget to mention, the UUID is what you have typed, I'm just basically converting the uuid into string for easier reference. Sorry. Anyway, it still unable to work. – simon sew Sep 21 '09 at 2:26

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