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If I use this command it works as I need:

grep -o -e "{{ *[-_[:alnum:]]\+"

But if I use this one it throws error

grep -o -e "{{ *[_-[:alnum:]]\+"

Same as this one:

grep -o -e "{{ *[[:alnum:]-_]\+"

And this other:

grep -o -e "{{ *[[:alnum:]-\_]\+"

Seems that the [] from the RegExp can't start nor end with _


Error is:

grep: Invalid range end

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The error is related to the hypen -: 0-9 means 0123456789. But what is the meaning of _-[:alnum:]? Putting - as the first character disables this special meaning, so the first regexp works as expected.

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Strange, I thought you could omit the problem by escaping the - (works in Perl), but no matter how many backslashes I prepend it with, the error persists, even with grep -E. Tested with GNU grep 2.5.3. –  Perleone Jan 24 '13 at 23:20
yeah it must be that, I didn't realised. Thanks for asnwering! –  Nico Rodsevich Jan 24 '13 at 23:26

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