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I need to get data from several pages. Data are storied in html tables. I want to generate sql file which saves them to my database. One of my aims are these results.

The easiest way to process sites could be JavaScript, but how to run script on each site and write results into my hard drive?

I could also download all needed sites using wget and processed them with Python, if it had necessary libraries to work with html.

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If I correctly understood you basically have to scrape some content from the web and store it in a database.

I would probably go for a Python script which crawls the webpage by using the urllib2 library and then parse it in some way depending on the needed content (regexp, BeautifulSoup, etc...).

Take a look at this question: Web scraping with Python

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seems legit, I will try it :) –  Jakub Kuszneruk Jan 24 '13 at 23:20

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