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I have a question regarding vector [] operator in C++.

vector<stack<T>> myStackVec;

This code does not modify myStackVec:

stack<T> temp =;
cout << "removing " << << endl;

This code does modify myStackVec through modifying temp:

stack<T> *temp = &myStackVec[stackPos];

[] operator returns a reference, why code snippet 1 does not work? Is temp in code1 a copy?

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It is a copy. You did not declare it as a reference. – Andrei Tita Jan 24 '13 at 23:05
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stack<T> temp =;

will make a copy of stack, then temp.push_back will operate on the copied stack, you need reference instead:

stack<T> &temp =;

or simply:;
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Is temp in code1 a copy?


Make it a reference for this to work.

stack<T> &temp =;
cout << "removing " << << endl;
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Think for a second what type stack<T> temp is. Tip: it is not a reference.

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