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I have implemneted a basic DTO, which implements INotifyPropertyChanged, and created a form which binds to properties on this DTO.

The form has 2 text boxes on it, bound to read/write properties. It also contains a separate user control which has some other textboxes on it, bound to both read and read/write properties on the same object.

The bound read property is an aggregation of some of the read/write properties. The screen basically lets you create a URL by separately entering host/port/path fields, and the 'read' property is the concatenated string.

The bindings on the form work correctly - both the read/write and read fields. All bindings are set to update on PropertyChanged.

Except in one particular use case. If I edit the fields in the contained UserControl, the Url field is updated correctly as each field is set. This is implemented via a PropertyChanged event raised when the component fields are changed.

However, if I edit either of the fields on the parent form, the read-only binding for field Url stops working... that is - when I next edit one of the comnonent fields, it doesn't update any longer.

This is 100% reproducible. Once broken, it never resumes unless the window is closed and reopened.

I have set breakpoints in specific places to verify that the unbderlying DTO is actually being updated correctly in this scenario (the bound fields on the parent form are correctly set, and the component Url fields as well as the Url property are also set correctly).

I have also verified that the PropertyChanged events are still fired for 'Url' in this case, exactly as they are when the binding is working correctly.

I have also setup 'break on all exceptions' in the code, and none are raised in the error scenario.

I am flummoxed. I have not posted code here, as there are too many interacting pieces. I'm hoping that someone could suggest why the databinding is breaking/failing to update the UI in this use case?

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