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I am trying to read a text file and return all lines that do not begin with a #. In python I could easily use list comprehension list

with open('file.txt') as f:
     lines = [l.strip('\n') for l in f.readlines() if not re.search(r"^#", l)]

I would like to accomplish the same thing via Groovy. So far I have the below code, any help is greatly appreciated.

lines = new File("file.txt").readLines().findAll({x -> x ==~ /^#/ })
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Does that not work? You might need to change the findAll closure to { x -> !x.startsWith( '#' ) } –  tim_yates Jan 24 '13 at 23:47
tim_yates - lines = new File(masterManifest).readLines().findAll({x -> !x.startsWith('#')}) works perfectly. Thanks –  Chris Powell Jan 25 '13 at 0:10

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In groovy, you generally have to use collect in place of list comprehensions. For example:

new File("file.txt").readLines().findAll({x -> x ==~ /^#/ }).
    collect { it.replaceAll('\n', '') }

Note that readLines() already strips off newlines, so in this case it's not necessary.

For searching, you can also use the grep() method:

new File('file.txt').readLines().grep(~/^#.*/)
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