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Is wordpress a good way to build a large CMS site and is it possible to build my own PHP apps that will work with wordpres.

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I would go with CMS software (Drupal, Silverstripe, Joomla, ...) as opposed to Blog software. While you can argue that it is possible to do all the same things with Wordpress, I think that its blog-origin can get in the way when it comes to managing content types other than blog posts.

You other question is true for all the products that I mentioned - they all have APIs that are exposed and documented.

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Yes, WordPress can handle 100k+ post installations. Yes, you can custom code apps that hook into the WordPress API or directly into the database.

@cdonner's response is a good point, though. WordPress excels at a very specific type of content - blog posts. If you're looking to do a 100k+ page site that's not a blog (or very much like one), another more general CMS is likely to suit you better. WP can be hacked into a generalised CMS, but it wasn't designed to be one.

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If you plan of simply having tons of blog post (pretty much only that) managed by a few select group of users, then building on top of wordpress is a good idea.
However, if you want to have regular pages, blog posts, and other content, you basically have 2 choices. Either you build a custom backend (using a framework or not) or use a full-blown CMS such as Joomla or Drupal.

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That depends on what you want to do with your website and how much people will contribute to it. I build CMS-driven websites in WordPress, and also code in php - mysql. But that are websites for little companies where 1 or 2 people have access rights. If you want a big website with a lot of pages and a lot of contributors (different persons for different teams) then Drupal is the better choice. Maybe if you should give us some more information about what you want to do with your website, we could better help you.

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With a 100K pages it might be a very bad idea to use one of the standard CMS. Your costs could be dominated by the work(flow) to get those 100K pages into the system and to maintain them. A custom solution with an exact fit to the workflow you need could be a lot cheaper.

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Yes, WordPress is a good CMS to handling large sites. I personally run a site with over 1,000,000 posts in the database and with the right architecture WordPress does just fine.

You'll want to make sure you're using WordPress's Object Cache Backend with Memcached so that WordPress runs efficiently with the database.

Also, if you build a custom theme and have custom queries that need to query the database, you'll want to store those queries in Memcached using the the WordPress Transients API so these don't hit the database more than needed.

There are lots of user roles and permissions plugins out in the community such as: Members -

Content Creation Workflows with Edit Flow -

So yes, WordPress is a great place to start and scales big.

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