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I have the following array of data:

$data = array(
 0 => array(
   'firstname' => 'John',
   'lastname' => 'Doe'
 1 => array(
   'firstname' => 'Foo',
   'lastname' => 'Bar'

And Id like to manipulate it to end up with this array:

$finalData = array(
 'firstname' => array('John','Foo'),
 'lastname' => array('Doe','Bar')

How do I accomplish this using PHP? Id love to learn about the PHP array methods if one can be used in this scenario.


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Use a loop or array_map –  John Conde Jan 25 '13 at 0:32

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This is too specialized for functions like array_map without shooting yourself in the foot. But you can easily do it with a foreach loop:

$finalData = array();
foreach ($data as $person) {
    $finalData['firstname'][] = $person['firstname'];
    $finalData['lastname'][] = $person['lastname'];
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You will have to loop through $data to gather first names and last names separately. Unfortunately there is no standard php function that performs "array pluck".

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Well, I don't think that something like that exist, but I think You should read docs on array functions

If You don't find anything, make something your own (probably with with array_map), and please answer your own question.

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This gives what you want;

$new_data = array();
foreach ($data as $d) {
    $keys = array_keys($d);
    foreach ($keys as $k) {
        $new_data[$k][] = $d[$k];


    [firstname] => Array
            [0] => John
            [1] => Foo

    [lastname] => Array
            [0] => Doe
            [1] => Bar

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