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I am trying to get the address or location of a google maps marker. However when i view the source code of the website I get a weird javascript call. Is there any way to resolve this to a usable Long/Lat?

This is what i see.

    <script type="text/javascript">
        //Get spu from unit id's        
        var spuMap = new Array();
        // initialization for property page is done in seperate function
        if ($("#pdp-container").length == 0){
            ha.map.property.init({location: [{a:'%32%30%2E

%35%34%35%35%32%35%39%35%34%32%31%34%37%30%37', b:'%2D%31%30%35%2E

%32%37%39%34%30%37%35%30%31%32%32%30%37', cLat:'%32%30%2E

%35%34%35%35%32%35%39%35%34%32%31%34%37%30%37', cLong:'%2D%31%30%35%2E

%32%37%39%34%30%37%35%30%31%32%32%30%37', id:'268534', exact:true, zoom:16, maxZoom:20, type:'u'}], 

mType: 'property'}, spuMap);
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what's the original source? –  Dr.Molle Jan 25 '13 at 2:07

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For some strange reason these parameters are URI encoded so simply call decodeURI on cLat and cLong, eg.


And when you use it make sure to convert it to a number as google api takes coordinates as numbers.

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