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I'm trying to implement Procrustes analysis [1] in OpenCV to align a set of face images to their mean image. I got the function to calculate the mean image working however, my align function is returning 0,0 shift on x/y coordinates. I am using the sum of squared differences as an error metric SSD. I believe the OpenCV matchTemplate follows the same strategy as my implemented algorithm, unfortunately I won't be able to use it as the mean image will not be accurate enough to use as template for the opencv function. Here is my implementation:

Mat align(Mat reference, Mat displaced)

  int xTrans, yTrans;
  double SSD = 0;

 Mat result,square,aligned;
 Point offset;
 //Set minimum to some large value --> MAX_FLOAT 
 double minimum = numeric_limits<double>::max();

 aligned = Mat::zeros(displaced.rows, displaced.cols, displaced.type());
 square = Mat::zeros(displaced.rows, displaced.cols, displaced.type());
 for(int i= -7; i<7; i++){
    for(int j= -7; j<7; j++){
        xTrans = i; //Translation on x-Axis
        yTrans = j; //Translation on y-Axis

        double m[2][3] = {{1,0,xTrans}, {0,1,yTrans}};
        Mat map = Mat(2,3,CV_64F, m);

        //Get the transformed image
        warpAffine(displaced, aligned, map, aligned.size());
        //Calculate the sum of squared differences
            square = result.mul(result);
        } catch (Exception const & e){
            cerr<<"OpenCV exception: "<<e.what()<<std::endl;
        //sum of pixel intensity values of the squared difference;
        SSD = sum(square)[0];
        if(SSD < minimum){
            minimum = SSD;

 cout <<offset.x << "," << offset.y << ","<<minimum<<endl;
 double m[2][3] = {{1,0,offset.x}, {0,1,offset.y}};
 Mat map1 = Mat(2,3,CV_64F, m);

 warpAffine(displaced, aligned, map1, aligned.size());
 return aligned;

Type of reference and displaced are CV_32F and size is 340x340 as I use cvResize before calling align. Any help on why my algorithm is not achieving the desired result would be much appreciated!

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Fixed Sum(Transformed-Reference)^2: absdiff(reference,aligned,result) was changed to absdiff(aligned,reference,result). Results did not improve by much :( –  Abhischek Jan 26 '13 at 1:57
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