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How can I get this Postgres statement to parse into Oracle 11g?

UPDATE teams as new 
  SET counter=old.counter, 
FROM teams as old
WHERE new.is_old=0 
  AND old.is_old=1 
  AND new.name=old.name 
  AND new.county=old.county;

Thanks in advance.

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@LeorA: why do you think that is a trigger? –  a_horse_with_no_name Jan 25 '13 at 8:50

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UPDATE teams
  SET (counter, task_counter) = (select counter, task_counter 
                                 FROM teams old
                                 WHERE old.is_old = 1 
                                   AND teams.name = old.name   
                                   AND teams.county = old.county)
where is_old = 0

This assumes that the sub-select will only return a single row for each name/county/is_old combination.

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One handy Oracle technique is to use a MERGE for these tricky updates.

Merge into teams new 
From (
  Select counter,
  From   teams 
  Where  is_old = 1) old
On (new.is_old = 0          and
    new.name   = old.name   and
    new.county = old.county   )
when matched then update
set counter      = old.counter and
    task_counter = old.task_counter
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