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I want to get Table List(Name List) in ODBC - excel width nodejs

In rdb, there is system table that include defined table list. But in EXCEL, there is no one.

help, please

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There's no direct way to interface with ODBC from Node that I know of. If you're on Windows, you can try launching a WSH script in a child process:

child_process.exec('cscript.exe //nologo wsh_script.js', function (error, stdout, stderr) { ... });

where wsh_script.js would interface with Excel and return the results (perhaps in JSON) to Node via stdout. For instance, wsh_script.js might look something like:

var objExcel = new ActiveXObject('Excel.Application');
var cellValue = objExcel.Cells(row, col).Value;

See this question or this article for more info on how to interface with Excel/ODBC from WSH.

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