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My controller passes a list of objects to my view allowing me to:

        @foreach (var optiongroup in Model)

Within the Model is an IEnumerable<Option>. I need to sort this list of options such that when I:

@foreach (var option in optiongroup.Options){

I end up with a list where items are sorted on the property called option.SortOrder instead of the ordinal position of each item.

So how do I get a list sorted prior to the foreach? I've tried:

@foreach (var option in optiongroup.Options.OrderByDescending(o => optiongroup.SortOrder))


IEnumerable<Option> allOptions = optiongroup.Options.OrderByDescending(o => optiongroup.SortOrder); 
// then foreaching the allOptions list

but have yet to achieve joy.


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You are sorting by optiongroup.SortOrder, which is same for each item. –  Kugel Jan 25 '13 at 2:25

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IEnumerable<Option> allOptions = optiongroup.Options.OrderByDescending(o => optiongroup.SortOrder);

should be

IEnumerable<Option> allOptions = optiongroup.Options.OrderByDescending(o => o.SortOrder);
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...'cuse me while i go roll 'round in some joy... –  justSteve Jan 25 '13 at 4:01

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