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I want to use the current array to be the output array of the blur operation made in the frame image and im getting this error:

TypeError: <unknown> is not a numpy array

I already checked and both are arrays of the same size and type, I dont understand why this is happening.

Part of the code:

previous = np.zeros((frameHeight,frameWidth,3),np.uint8) #blank image with 640x480 and 3 channels
difference = np.zeros((frameHeight,frameWidth,3),np.uint8)
current = np.zeros((frameHeight,frameWidth,3),np.uint8)

while True:
    # Capture a frame
    flag,frame =
    cv2.flip(frame, flipCode=1)

    # Difference between frames
    cv2.blur(frame, current, (15,15))
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The arguments to cv2.blur, as described in the documentation, are the following:

cv2.blur(src, ksize[, dst[, anchor[, borderType]]]) → dst

So, I think you meant

current= cv2.blur(frame, (15,15))
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oh thanks!! I was used to use the older one the cv one instead of cv2, and then I do mistakes like this.. Thanks for the help – Cap.Alvez Jan 25 '13 at 2:54
@user1832231 No problem. If there's nothing to add to the answer, make sure to mark it as accepted (there's a green checkbox next to it). Since you're just getting started here on SO, you may want to read the faq – goncalopp Jan 25 '13 at 3:00

Probably you have open the image using cv.CreateImage instread of cv2.imread You can use imwrite only if you have opened image using imread.

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