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I'm attempting to implement basic drag and drop functionality into my Meteor application. I want the user to be able to drop a file (from their file system) into a specified dom element, and retrieve that file in the dataTransfer object. Unfortunately, I can't seem to prevent the event from reloading the entire page on the drop event. Here's my basic event handler:{

 'drop #features' : function(e, t) {


   var fileList = e.dataTransfer.files;

   return false; 


I've tested this with Chrome and Firefox. Am I missing something? Has anyone implemented this successfully?

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Well, that was silly. I think I figured it out. You need to call preventDefault() on the dragover event in addition to the drop event. Here's my working code:{

  'dragover #features' : function(e, t) {

  'dragleave #features' : function(e, t) {

  'drop #features' : function(e, t) {


Not sure why this works, but it does (at least in Chrome).

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