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I am sort of new to Unity all seems to be fine but I am kind of lost when to use ResolvedParameter in Unity.

Googled and looked on MSDN but still cannot understand when to use it.

Do you have a simple example that could illustrate it's use.

Thanks a lot for your help

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You may wish to configure a Type with constructor parameters of a resolved service and a string. In this case you would use ResolvedParameter.

Container.RegisterType<IRepository, Repository>(
            new InjectionConstructor(
                    new ResolvedParameter<IClassifier>(), 
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It's for method injection; see Entering Configuration Information on MSDN. Scroll down to "Dynamically Configuring Constructor, Property, and Method Injection" and note that the ResolvedParameter is actually a parameter to the InjectionMethod constructor.

I've never encountered a need to use it. Constructor injection will solve 95% of your issues, and property injection will solve the other 5%. (Caveat: I've only used Unity on a couple of projects, so I don't claim to be an expert.)

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