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I would like to be able to tell which pages in the page table belonging to a process are used as data segment. I am using Linux kernel v 3.2 for amd64

here is what I did before and did not work:

  1. accessing the data segment using task->mm->start_data (task is the task_struct for the target process).

  2. searching through task->mm->mmap (linked list) and compare the start address of each vm_area_struct (vm_start) with the task->mm->start_data. Here I a assuming that the start of the data segment is aligned with the beginning of a page.

all this should be done within a kernel module.


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Why isn't the execute attribute for each page a sufficient test (i.e. text pages allow execution and data pages cannot)? – sawdust Jan 25 '13 at 10:54
I didn't assume or mention "copy"ing, so why do you lead with that assertion? Your original question mentions just "data segments", but now you are looking for "static variables"? BTW "text page" (as opposed to "data page") in Linux is the same as "code page". I probably made a mistake in assuming that you understood the meaning of "text". – sawdust Jan 28 '13 at 0:33
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after some research looks like passing task->mm->start_data to get_user_pages combined with kmap would do the trick.

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