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I am using ctags to generate tags and put set tags+=~/.vim/tags/cpp(just followed this wiki page) in .vimrc.In my vimrc file there is also the setting like below so I can auto sync the nerdtree viewer for the current file(see this):

" returns true iff is NERDTree open/active
function! rc:isNTOpen()        
  return exists("t:NERDTreeBufName") && (bufwinnr(t:NERDTreeBufName) != -1)

" returns true iff focused window is NERDTree window
function! rc:isNTFocused()     
  return -1 != match(expand('%'), 'NERD_Tree') 

" calls NERDTreeFind iff NERDTree is active, current window contains a modifiable file, and we're not in vimdiff
function! rc:syncTree()
  if &modifiable && rc:isNTOpen() && !rc:isNTFocused() && strlen(expand('%')) > 0 && !&diff
    wincmd p

autocmd BufEnter * call rc:syncTree()

The problem lies in that ~/.vim is actually a symbolic link to another folder(So I can manage all my dotfiles using git or other VCSs easily). When I use Ctrl+] to look for a definition(whose tag information is in ~/.vim/tags/cpp), there would be always the error:

detected while processing function rc:syncTree..<SNR>15_findAndRevealPath..102:
line    2:
E605: Exception not caught: NERDTree.InvalidArgumentsError: /home/hongxuchen/.vim/tags/cpp_src/stl_iterator.h should be under /home/hongxuchen/data_backup/dotfiles/_vim/tags/cpp_src

Does it mean that I have to use set tags+=/real/path/to/cpp instead in vimrc?

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In Vim, the resolve() function can process symbolic links. Try replacing in plugin/NERD_tree.vim

function! s:findAndRevealPath()
        let p = s:Path.New(expand("%:p"))


function! s:findAndRevealPath()
        let p = s:Path.New(resolve(expand("%:p")))

If that works, I'd send a patch to the plugin's author.

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It works(at least for my vim7.3, which is a deb package in Ubuntu12.04 amd64),thanks so much! Please send a pull request to him:-) –  Hongxu Chen Jan 25 '13 at 8:49
With "I'd", I meant "I would [recommend you to]". I have no system to reproduce, and it's mainly in your interest, so please send this feedback to the author yourself. The bug tracker is here. –  Ingo Karkat Jan 25 '13 at 9:09
Actually I am not using the author's latest version on master branch on github, but a mirror from vim-scripts and the src of the plugin is almost this one.(in fact I'm using vundle to manage the plugins). It seems that the refactor-open branch of nerdtree contains similar code, but I don't know whether the symbolic link problem has been fixed. –  Hongxu Chen Jan 25 '13 at 9:39
Well, just open an issue then and point to this question; I think the author will extract the (rather simple) issue and the fix, and know best what to do with it, and where to apply it. –  Ingo Karkat Jan 25 '13 at 9:49
Got it! Many thanks. –  Hongxu Chen Jan 25 '13 at 12:45

While it is not strictly an answer to your question, my answer will certainly help fix your underlying problem.

I have my "real" vimrc under version control in ~/.vim/vimrc and ~/.vimrc is not a symlink because I hate symlinks. Instead, ~/.vimrc is a regular file with only one line:

runtime vimrc
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I would like to back up this suggestion, since I share @romainl's stance on symbolic links, and use the same workaround for my vimrc-file for a long time (without any issues). –  ib. Jan 25 '13 at 20:31

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