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I've built a small gallery using Anything Slider + Soundcloud . You can see it here: (multimedia section). The problem is that, when I hide the "mp3content" div, I have no way to stop the background sound. So far my code looks like this:




This code simply shows/hide the div "mp3content", containing a slider with all the playlists.

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How are you embedding the sound? If you're using the Widget, you could use the Widget API to control playback. Otherwise, you could consider using the Javascript SDK.

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You may pause the sound cloud player like this

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Thanks but no luck. I inserted your code in my $('#mp3close').click(function(){} function and it doesn't do anything. Where are you supposed to insert your code? I need to trigger the pause function when the user clicks on the "mp3close" div. – Eduardo Plaza Jan 25 '13 at 12:22

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