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I am new to Java. I have created a geofence with circle shape. I know the center(Latitude,longitude) point and radius(in meter). I want to check whether a geo point(i.e. latitude, longitude) is within this fence, and if it is true I want to find distance between that geopoint to the center point. How can I do this in java. In mysql there is one query for doing this

 SELECT tripid,create_time, ( 6371 * acos( cos( radians(8.475316) ) * cos(    
radians(lattitude ) ) * cos(
radians( longitude ) - radians(76.962528) ) + sin( radians(8.475316) ) * sin(  
 radians( lattitude ) ) ) ) AS
FROM pack_history where speed<5 and tripid=685  HAVING distance < 0.10 ORDER BY       
create_time desc LIMIT 0 ,100;

How can i do this similar functionality in Java?? enter image description here

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take a look at java.lang.Math class. For all the mathematical calculations –  codeMan Jan 25 '13 at 4:08

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You simply need a method that calculates the distance between two lat/ lon coordinates. (search here on SO or internet, this is easy to find).
if the distance is < r then the point is inside the circle.

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