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Let's say I have 2 controllers, content and news:

class ContentController extends Zend_Controller_Action { }


class NewsController extends ContentController { }

If there are no views found for the news controller, I want Zend to use the scripts path of its parent controller. How can I achieve this without having to route to its parent controller?

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You will have to add the scriptPath manually:

class ContentController extends Zend_Controller_Action { 

   public function init()
      $this->view->addScriptPath(APPLICATION_PATH . '/views/scripts/content');



class NewsController extends ContentController {

   public function init ()
       // Ensure that ContentController inits.
      $this->view->addScriptPath(APPLICATION_PATH . '/views/scripts/news');

This will use the stack functionality of the view script inflector. It will first look in the path last specified, which is APPLICATION_PATH . '/views/scripts/news', if the script isn't found there, it will look in the second directory on the stack, which is APPLICATION_PATH . '/views/scripts/content'.

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