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We have a legacy library implementation and associated exposed header files. Recently we found that, some of the functions in the exposed header file, don't have corresponding definitions in the library implementation.

We want to check if there could be some more such functions. Is there any easier way of doing this rather than sifting through each and every API present in header and then checking if there is a definition for it?

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You can generate C source from the header (Perl is a way to go!) that calls all the functions and try to compile it. Linker will complain about missing functions.

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Try to create the ABI dump file by the abi-compliance-checker tool:

abi-compliance-checker -lib NAME -dump DESC.xml

DESC.xml file is the following:




The resulting ABI dump file will contain the information you need about symbols declared in header files (SymbolInfo) and symbols exported by shared libraries (Symbols).

You can also generate ABI dump in the xml format by adding --xml option.

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If this is C, you can do something like:

printf("", /* insert all functions here */);

That should pass them all as function pointers to printf. The ones that do not exist should show up as linker errors.

(In C++, you would have to list overloads explicitly, which makes it a bit more difficult.)

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But I have to pass valid arguments to all the functions which may be hectic ofcourse creating dummy arguments. – Sibi Rajasekaran Jan 28 '13 at 11:36
@Sibrajas, not if you pass the functions as function pointers. If you want to be explicit, you can use something like: printf("", &mylibfunc1, &mylibfunc2 /*more functions go here*/); – MSN Jan 28 '13 at 22:18

I'd be inclined to use ctags to generate a list of identifiers from the header file then use ar, emfar or elfdump in Unix or lib.exe or dumpbin.exe in Windows (see discussion here) to dump a list of identifiers from the library and then sort and diff the two lists.

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