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Has anyone gotten this library to work with Windows Phone 8? I have followed all of the steps in this page, and nothing is showing up on Google. Nothing live, no events... Nothing. I set up the Google Analytics site last week. I also tried this analytics package, and get nothing from it, as well. If anyone has gotten it to work, are there tricks to it that aren't obvious on these pages? I'm curious if there is a way to test my PropertyID from Google, to see if it works - like a URL I can type in with parameters, for instance, just to see if it works.


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Same here. I tried the steps on the "1-minute" article. Doesn't work for my WP8 app –  Raman Sharma Feb 21 '13 at 0:47

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I'm the creator of the MSAF.GoogleAnalytics nuget package. Did you try with fiddler to see if the actual HTTP requests come through?

Hope this helps.

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No, but I am now using GoogleAnalyticsTracker and it works fine for me –  Raman Sharma Feb 24 '13 at 15:58
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I never did get Google Analytics to work. I ended up going with Flurry, which is working fine.

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To see the Real-Time data, you need to track it via Page Tracking, but not not Custom Category, Action or Label.

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