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I am learning DNA Origami and came across cadnano for creating DNA Origami strutures. enter image description here

I was able to draw Some simple DNA Origami Strutures [green triangle] but having trouble with making complex DNA Origami strutures[ Red star] in cadnano. Do you have any idea how i can create these strutures [red star] using cadnano or do you know any softwares (user friendly) better than cadnano to draw complex 3d strutures

note:picture is taken from cadnano site

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You can find the bottom example (with the slotted cross) as a zip file in CadNano's gallery at: http://cadnano.org/gallery

It doesn't seem like CadNano does a good job at displaying 3D shapes, but you can submit the source file to CanDo for analysis and it'll show up as it does in the gallery images.

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