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Right now i'm having some troubles with the getservbyname() function in linux mint, every time i try to get a port it returns NULL and i don't know what could be

   extern struct servent *get_port(char *name, char *prot) {
      struct servent *tmp;
      tmp = getservbyname(name, prot);
      if(tmp == NULL) {
        return NULL;
      return tmp;

This is how i call the function

    struct servent *port;

    if((port = (struct servent*)get_port("server", "tcp")) == NULL){
        perror("Error... \n");
        return -1;
    printf("Got the port... \n");

I used the perror function to get more information about the problem, but every time i run the code i get that the function worked correctly...

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So the name of the well-known service your looking up is "server" ? interesting. I must look that up in my /etc/services file. Didn't know that existed (thus somewhat flying in the face of "well-known"). Edit: 8000+ entries in my services file, nothing about a service called "server". Is that really the name you're trying to find ? – WhozCraig Jan 25 '13 at 6:01

getservbyname() does not set errno, so perror() does not work.

If it returns NULL then the most likely reason is that the service you specified does not exist in the services file, or the services file cannot be opened.

The name in your example "server" is not one that would be commonly included in a services database - trying looking up a service like "ftp".

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Also note that, while getservbyname should work when passed a correct service name, it's obsoleted by getaddrinfo. – R.. Jan 25 '13 at 7:56

From getservbyname man page:

The getservbyname() function returns a servent structure for the entry from the database that matches the service name using protocol proto. If proto is NULL, any protocol will be matched.

The /etc/services file has the following structure:

echo        7/tcp
echo        7/udp
ftp         21/tcp
smtp        25/tcp     

There are services available either in tcp and udp protocols (echo), while others are only available in one of them (ftp, smtp). The getservbyname function queries the /etc/services file searching for a service name and returns a struct containing information such as name, port number, protocol and aliases.

The problem with your code, as others already pointed out, is that the name parameter of the function is not a server name (such as localhost or whatever), but the service name you're looking for (ftp, for instance). The proto parameter is optional, when its value is NULL it matches any protocol. Valid protocols are tcp or udp, in case you're particularly interested in one of them.

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