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Just like the question says, I'm just looking for a good compiler for ada. Besides Adaguide. I have a macbook pro and I installed gedit, but it doesn't seem to want to compile or find any of my .adb files in the terminal. If I'm doing something wrong or if any of you guys know a tutorial for gedit I will more than love to look at it, but for the time being do you guys know any other texteditor/compilers out there.

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I think you might be confused between text editor and compiler. Gedit, Vim, and Emacs are text editors: they are powerful tools, but basically they won't do anything besides help you in writing some text (source code, personal note, whatever). GNAT and gcc are compilers. They roughly transform source code into something understandable by your computer, like a library or an executable.

You need both to create and run an Ada program. Thus, you were right to install Gedit to write your source code, but you still need a compiler to, well, compile it. I don't know Mac, so unfortunately I can't tell you precisely what to do. However, I do believe that there is a way to install the rather official GNAT compiler on Mac. Then, a simple gnatmake hello.adb command in your terminal should provide you with an executable.

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There were some Ada addons on MacAda.org apart from GNAT compilers. GNAT GPL should work nice as well, but I haven't seen it at work because it doesn't work on Mac OS X 10.4. I can also see GNUAda builds on sourceforge.

Drew Reynolds was providing GNAT builds, but I can't locate them anymore. Look into MacAda mailing list for another places.

Personally, I use GNAT GPL 2006 powerpc (Mac OS X has transparent PowerPC emulator) and Drew Reynolds x86 builds (I can share installers if that matters) combined with either nano or FAR Manager in Crossover. I wrote syntax highlight for nano and use colorer plugin for FAR.

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GNAT Programming Studio (http://libre.adacore.com/tools/gps/) works fine on OS X. And you can download everything you need to do Ada-2012 on Mac here: http://libre.adacore.com/download/configurations (choose x86_64_darwin, supposing your Mac is Intel-based).

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