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I have made an iPad video in portrait mode i.e. 768*1024. Now when I convert it in mp4 format the converter converts it into 1024*768 i.e landscape mode.Is there any way to show the portrait video in portrait mode or any software to convert the portrait video in mp4 portrait mode?

or I would have to make the video again in landscape mode?

I am using MPMoviePlayerController.

Thanks in advance.

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you're creating video or converting the video?...i dont see a single of line of coding..paste the coding part so that we can understand what you're trying to do..any private API you are using? –  Master Stroke Jan 25 '13 at 6:56

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MPMoviePlayerController no longer works in landscape by default so to make it work in landscape you need to apply a transform to the view.

UIView * playerView = [moviePlayerController view];
[playerView setFrame: CGRectMake(0, 0, 480, 320)];//iPhone

CGAffineTransform landscapeTransform;
landscapeTransform = CGAffineTransformMakeRotation(90*M_PI/180.0f);
landscapeTransform = CGAffineTransformTranslate(landscapeTransform, 80, 80);

[playerView setTransform: landscapeTransform];
In addition, if you want the regular full screen controls, use the following sample.

moviePlayerController.fullscreen = TRUE;
moviePlayerController.controlStyle = MPMovieControlStyleFullscreen;

This is for your information "playing a video with MPMoviePlayerController in Portrait WITHOUT Private API-Will get rejected by Apple".Good luck and happy coding :-)

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