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I feel retarded asking this question, but I've been banging my head against the wall for a while now...

This directory is linked to by the website for obtaining emacs: Which file do I want? I downloaded emacs-23.1.tar.gz and unpacked it, but I don't know what to do now. I can't find any files to execute.

(I'm running Vista.)

And then I want to use tuareg mode with OCaml. Help?

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I believe you've downloaded the source code, which probably isn't what you want. It might be easier for you to go to download site and download the binaries.

Getting Tuareg to work is as easy as downloading it and following the installation instructions. Some options that I like for Tuareg (but YMMV!):

(setq tuareg-default-indent 4)
(setq tuareg-with-indent 2)
(setq tuareg-|-extra-unindent 2)

Incidentally, set up and whatnot is much easier using Virtualbox + Linux VM; if you're just wanting to play around with Ocaml/Emacs then it might be easier to do that.

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You downloaded the linux version - you should instead download

Once you have it, emacs can be started from bin/runemacs

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Have a look at EmacsW32 -- it is GNU Emacs with a few tweaks to make it more comfortable for Windows users:

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