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This may be silly question. How gstreamer elements are loaded multiple times in a process?. When Gstreamer elements are created are they shared if already one created and present in memory? In my case, one process creates multiple thread, for each thread I am creating following gstreamer elements, linking and set pipeline to PLAYING state, filesrc->Q->filesink and this works. But when I add gstreamer element(newly written for processing gst buffers data) between Q->filesink all thread stops working, what might be the problem? How can I debug? Please provide inputs. Thanks in advance. -opensid

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The elements are within shared libraries and thus the code will be just once in memory. Each instance will occupy some memory for its own state though. When doing multithreaded stuff, you should call gst_init() just once from your main thread. As gstreamer already creates new threads for the data processing, it is saver to create all the gstreamer pipeline from one main thread. You can run several pipelines in parallel.

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