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Have a code that updates a textarea:

var input_baseprice = $('.active .input_baseprice').html();


However, when there are many .input_baseprice elements, the textarea gets content only from the first one.

How can I automate creation of input_baseprice* to get:

$('[name=baseprice]').html(input_baseprice + '<br>' + input_baseprice2 + '<br>' + input_baseprice3 ...);


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So many great variants! Thanks a lot for all. – YNT Jan 25 '13 at 6:38

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That is documented in the api notes

In order for the following 's content to be retrieved

Try this

var html = '';

$('.active .input_baseprice').each( function () {
    html += $( this ).html();

$('[name=baseprice]').html( html );

After re-reading your question, you may need to swap our .html() for .val() depending upon the type of element you are dealing with

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Use .map method, then join them.

$('[name=baseprice]').html($('.active .input_baseprice').map(function() {
  return $(this).html();
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use each to loop thrrough the textarea content... .val() should work try this

var str="";

$('.active .input_baseprice').each(function(){
      str += $(this).val();

$('[name=baseprice]').val( str);


in array ..

var temparray= [];


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Use the each() function to loop through each element and append the data to an array, which will then be combined into a string:

var data = [];


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you can also create array by jQuery.makeArray()

 var arr = jQuery.makeArray(elements);
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$elements.toArray()? – elclanrs Jan 25 '13 at 6:35

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