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.append($("input.selected").map(function() {
return $(this).val() || null;
}).get().join("<br/> "));

what is the purpose of $(this).val() || null; here?

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val() returns the value of an input as a string. An empty string is a falsy value in JS, what that means is that if the string is empty then it will evaluate as false. The OR short-circuit operator || evaluates the code after it if the previous condition is false. So what that code is doing is returning null if the value is empty.

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this sums it up – BBagi Jan 25 '13 at 6:42

$.map()... maps the value of input.selected to an array.. and join joins them with <br>.

Translate all items in an array or object to new array of items.

so your code appends the value if exist or NULL of input with a class selected to your element with id para


<div id="para"></div>

<input class="selected" value="test"/>
<input class="selected" value="test2"/>
 <input class="selected" value=""/>  // || NULL works here so returns null

the above function will append this

test <br> test2

to #para

final result

<div id="para">test <br> test2</div>  //result is the same
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