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I am filling my datatable from databse sa

var z = from ins in cstmrDC.customersCntcts_rd(101)
        select ins;
foreach (var dtbl in z)
    DataRow drDtls;
    drDtls = dtDtls.NewRow();
    drDtls[0] = dtbl.cust_Slno;
    drDtls[1] = dtbl.cust_Cntctnm;
    drDtls[2] = dtbl.cust_Cntctdesig;
    drDtls[3] = dtbl.cust_Cntctmobl;
    drDtls[4] = dtbl.cust_Cntctmail;
    //drDtls.RowState = DataRowState.Unchanged; 

In this way I can fill my DataTable, but the RowState of the DataTable is set to Added by default. But I want to manipulate these records from DataGridView.

Without changing the RowState, how can I insert, delete and update my DataGridview? Help me to fill the data table directly from the database.

I tried using CopyToDataTable() that is apperaring in my IntelliSense box. Maybe this is because I am using .Net 3.5.

Please Help me..

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Just do


and RowState will be Unchanged.

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