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I have an image list(ListBox) stacked with titles and description. The Image is not downloaded yet but title and description would show first. When the image is downloaded, how can I tell to update the image?

Partial xaml:

                <ColumnDefinition Width="100" />
                <ColumnDefinition Width="*" />
            <Image Margin="5" Source="{Binding Image}" Grid.Column="0" Name="DCIM" />
            <TextBlock Grid.Column="1" Margin="2" Text="{Binding Title}" Name="Title" TextWrapping="NoWrap" TextTrimming="WordEllipsis" />
            <TextBlock Grid.Column="1" Margin="2" Text="{Binding Desc}" Name="count" TextWrapping="NoWrap" TextTrimming="WordEllipsis" />
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You need to implement INotifyPropertyChanged in your item class:

public class MyDataItem : INotifyPropertyChanged
    public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged;

    private ImageSource image;
    public ImageSource Image
        get { return image; }
            image = value;

    // do the same for Title and Desc

    private void NotifyPropertyChanged(string propertyName)
        if (PropertyChanged != null)
            PropertyChanged(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(propertyName));

When the Image property is assigned to, a property change notification is raised which updates the binding.

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Simple and clear. That is exactly what I needed, thanks:) –  user1510539 Jan 25 '13 at 7:28

When the image is downloaded call NotifyProperyChanged("Image") to update Source="{Binding Image}"

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