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I just deployed my Tapestry 5 app on Jetty 9 web server, running on Debian Squeeze. I have problem with encoding. I can't see Serbian letters (šđčćž). For example, I see "Dobrodošli" as "Dobrodo??li". You can check it out HERE. As I know, Tapestry by default works with UTF8, on Debian locale is set SR Latin UTF8, and on Jetty I can't find any config setting where I could set it. I did the same thing local on my PC (Ubuntu 12.10), and everything works great. Can you help me please? How to solve this problem, I don't know what I did wrong? Thanks in advance.

I faced the same problem. I think when you write your text in TML this gives you the problem. If you generate it though the Java code it will appear (as I remember) – dinesh707 Jan 25 '13 at 7:23

Did you try setting value for tapestry.charset.

The character encoding used when generating output (or parsing input). The default is "UTF-8".

For details checkout

I tried that, didn't work :( I don't know what to do.... – dodjavola Jan 28 '13 at 13:37

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