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In my Spring Application, below is the Scenario:

I have a Controller A. Another bean B defined with scope Request.

class B{
   private String name;
   public void init(String name){ = name


class A{

B ob;

//using B
  1. Now when I run the application, I get the exception that a new bean could not be created.
  2. If I change the scope to prototype. And If I print hashCode of B for every request, I get the same output, which means it is not injecting new object for every request.
  3. Above if solved will still not be thread-safe as the ob reference will point to a new prototype object or request object and other requests which are processed will refer to new B object. Best would be to get the referance to the main Spring MVC applciation context and then getBean from that inside a method. This way locally I can access it and get a new Instance. But how do I solve the thread-safety issue.
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@Controller is in the scope Singleton. Use proxied beans.

@Scope(value = WebApplicationContext.SCOPE_REQUEST, proxyMode = ScopedProxyMode.TARGET_CLASS)
class B{
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