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I want to develop a music player for iPhone/iPad with the functionality:

-Buffer and Play MP3 songs from server(no downloading). -Play. -Pause. -Stop. -Adjust Volume(Slider). -Song Status/ Playing time for Song(slider). -Repeat Song. -Shuffle Songs. -In the center of the Music Player there must be eq like dancing bars with song etc.

I am using AVPlayer for this but it is giving me trouble with Adjust Volume,Stop,Song Timers etc. With AVPlayer only play/pause and buffering is working. Even i have used AVAudioPlayer also and it was working fine with all the functionality i needed but with local files only, may be i don't know any method play songs from server in AVAudioPlayer.

Help me with any suggestions,examples,sample code or tutorial.

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I've done functions you mentioned above as a class, and open source it. Now you can find it on GitHub. Whatever you wanna use the class or treat it as an example. Good luck! –  olajuwon Feb 7 '13 at 6:22

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Playing an MP3 stream seems like it should be a straightforward task that the Cocoa APIs would handle easily.

see this post Live streaming

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I have already went through this post, buffering song is not a problem it done but adjusting volume and other functionality are not compatible with buffered songs i think @navinsillu –  Atul Jan 25 '13 at 8:34

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