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Have data with POXIS date and Events Y:/R/Rtest.txt

 Date          ?NUM   ?Label
 201301241035  ?1     ?Event1
 201301241036  ?2     ?Event2
 201301241037  ?3     ?Event3

So all the data are for the same day. I need to plot a X-Y grap where X-axis is Mins"Sec and Y axis is the values in Num and when mouse curser goes over the dots, it needs show "Event1" etc strings.

How to use gvisAnnotatedTimeLine() ? to draw the plot. Can you provide examples. I can change the date/time format if needed.

Program tried are

data3=read.table(file="Y:/R/Rtest.txt", header=TRUE, sep="?")

 line3=gvisAnnotatedTimeLine(data3, datevar="Date"))
  Error: unexpected ')' in "line3=gvisAnnotatedTimeLine(data3, datevar="Date"))"

  line3=gvisAnnotatedTimeLine(data3, datevar="Date")
  Error in as.Date.numeric(x) : 'origin' must be supplied
   class(data3$Date) = c('POSIXt', 'POSIXct')
   line3=gvisAnnotatedTimeLine(data3, datevar="Date")
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Basically looking for sample code where X-axis can be in HH:mm:ss –  harsha nagaraju Jan 25 '13 at 7:18

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This should work

## read your data with header, you replace text ='..' with file=fileName
dat <- read.table(text = 'Date          ?NUM   ?Label
201301241035  ?1     ?Event1
201301241036  ?2     ?Event2
201301241037  ?3     ?Event3',header=T)
## rename the columns
colnames(dat) <- c('Date','Value','Label')
## format columns and remove special character
dat$Date <- as.POSIXct(strptime(dat$Date,'%Y%m%d%H%M'))
dat$Value <- as.numeric(gsub('[?]','',dat$Value ))
dat$Label <- gsub('[?]','',dat$Label)
## build the plot, here I use minimum options,
## to show the plot as below
A1 <- gvisAnnotatedTimeLine(dat, 
                            datevar ="Date",
                            numvar  ="Value",
                                         width=600, height=350))

enter image description here

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I get following error and plot will be blank. A1 <- gvisAnnotatedTimeLine(dat, datevar="Date", numvar = "Value",annotationvar="Label",options=list(displayAnnotations=TRUE,width=600,hei‌​ght=350)) Warning: The data appears to more than one entry for the same date. Have you considered using the idvar variable? –  harsha nagaraju Jan 25 '13 at 16:36
My versions of googleVis is also 0.3.3 and R 1.15.2. same as your example. –  harsha nagaraju Jan 25 '13 at 16:37
@harshanagaraju the error suggests you remove the duplicated dates , try something like dat <- dat[!duplicated(dat$Date),] –  agstudy Jan 25 '13 at 16:40
I had a typo ignore the above comment. The above suggested solution works. Thank you. I need one more help. how to take in seconds also ? my date changes multiple times between seconds. Here is the time [HH:MM:SS:millseconds] Example : 00:44:49.643- Event1 -1 next question is instead of Label at the side, what options are needed to show the Label on the mouse over ? I was able to show the value on mouse over, but for my demo, i need to show the Label column. –  harsha nagaraju Jan 25 '13 at 16:54

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