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I have tried many solution available but unable to create javadoc for my android project. checked out the following: solution 1 solution 2

but i got the following error Building tree for all the packages and classes...

at com.sun.tools.javadoc.TypeMaker.getType(TypeMaker.java:83)
at com.sun.tools.javadoc.TypeMaker.getType(TypeMaker.java:44)
at com.sun.tools.javadoc.ClassDocImpl.superclassType(ClassDocImpl.java:496).....

Also tried ant command tool ant -f javadoc.xml

But no output on console last output is null pointer exception and "BUILD SUCCESSFUL" but no files generated in dest folder...

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I got the solution

adding the following lines to the javadoc.xml worked for me


I just added path of the android.jar file and executed the ant -f javadoc.xml command and my documentation has been created

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This is what works !! –  rupps Jun 21 '13 at 14:21

If you want to create java doc from eclipse, add android.jar in lib folder of your project. And then go to Project .. Generate javadoc. This worked for me.

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