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I am very new to using Dropwizard and the Freemarker template. I am trying to load the free marker template. However the images are not loaded in the page being displayed

i use the standard img tags of html to show the images

<img src="/media/images/mload.png" width="18" height="18" />

The images are available in the jar file.

Here is the structure of the project

src | - main | --resources | --media | ---images | ---mload.png

kindly let me know if am missing anything to display the image

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From the official documentation:

AssetBundle provides a simple way to serve static assets from your service’s src/main/resources/assets directory as files available from /assets/* in your service.

You need to add the AssetBundle to your service with something like:

   public void initialize(Bootstrap<HelloWorldConfiguration> bootstrap) {
       bootstrap.addBundle(new AssetsBundle());
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Thanks Marcello Nuccio, it helped me. –  Balachandar Jan 25 '13 at 12:50
For an example Dropwizard project using Freemarker and serving assets see here: github.com/gary-rowe/MultiBitStore –  Gary Rowe Jan 27 '13 at 14:32

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