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According to the maven war plugin documentation I should be able to set the name of the generated war file with the parameter warName. Is it not possible to do this from the command line with mvn -DwarName=mySpecificName package? When I run maven like this the war file still gets the default name.

My webapp project is part of a multi module project and I only want to change the final name of the war file, not any other projects generated artifact.

I am using maven 3.0.4 and version 2.3 of the war plugin.

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You can achieve the same effect by maven property.

1) Define a property via


You can overwrite the default value by "-Dmy.warName=commandlineWarName"

2) Redefine the war name

           <!-- ... -->
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After looking at the code of the war plugin I realize that it is not possible to set the warName parameter from command line. It assumed that all parameters were possible to set from the command line. This assumption was incorrect.

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