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Seems ctrl + c is not recognising .While I run in terminal ctrl + c is recognised and its going to signal handler function as expected . but when script is run as boot script it should recognise ctrl + c and enter the signal handler ,but its not happening .here is part of script ..

def signal_handler(signal, frame):
    print 'Going to Linux terminal....'
print 'Press Ctrl+C to abort script and enter Linux terminal....'
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal_handler)

Script is working proper ,but the problem is its not getting the terminal. ssh to the termianl is possible ,

Thanks in advance

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uhmm… the OS hasn't booted up yet, during bootup and you need an OS for python to run – inspectorG4dget Jan 25 '13 at 7:53

When you receive the CTRL-C event in you script, your script will just terminate itself. It will not terminate the whole boot sequence.

Checking a boot-script that does exit to a shell (the script that checks the disks with the fsck command) you will see something like this:

# Start a single user shell on the console
if ! sulogin $CONSOLE
    log_failure_msg "Attempt to start maintenance shell failed. 
Continuing with system boot in 5 seconds."
    sleep 5

It's the sulogin that does it in this case.

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