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Our project is a MMORPG, using scaleform to render UI. Now we use Flash CS5 to create UI panels with scaleform CLIK. With the development of this project, we encountered some problems:

  1. CLIK is not skinned, we have to create separate symbols for each component with different disappearance, so we have PushButton1, PushButton2, RadioButton1, RadioButton2...

  2. Flash CS5 is not a What You See is What You Get tool. For instance, we have a shared component named Window, it has a close button as it's child. In a fla, we first pull a Window on the stage, and modify its size, the close button will be scaled in the stage. We can constrain the close button in as code, but artists have to see the right result in Gfx Player on runtime.

  3. We have some common components fla like common_button.fla with most of button components in it. Common components are runtime shared in different fla. In a UI fla (e.g. friendpanel.fla), when we need a common component, we copy it from common_xxx.fla and paste it in the new fla library. If a panel is complex, it's library will be confused and not easily managed. If the common one is not satisfying requirement, we will double-click the pasted component and modify it in the local fla, and this caused more resource management troubles.

So I consider if we should create a skinned UI component lib and an UI editor to handle this problems. Does any one has similar experience?

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These are common workflow problems reported by many Flash IDE users unfortunately. Certainly, creating your own tool to solve these problems is a good option, but a costly one. The Scaleform team is investigating possible solutions to these types of issues for future versions of the SDK. In the meantime, there's not much that can be done to remedy these issues that I am aware of.

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thanks for your answer. i'm looking forward to your solution – zhang xiang Jan 28 '13 at 6:44

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