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My question is simple, how to access my gameobjects custom C# script through a foreach.

I've tried following:

foreach(TowerController go in GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Tower")) {
        go.upgradeTowerProgress = false;    

Doesn't seems to work. Dunno why, that's why im here to ask! xD

TowerController is my custom script on the gameObjects with tag Tower.

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This should work (untested):

foreach(GameObject go in GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Tower")) {
        go.GetComponent<TowerController>().upgradeTowerProgress = false;    

What I changed is that you are iterating a GameObject array, so you need to do foreach(GameObject go..., then you use the GetComponent function to get the component that is of the type TowerController and then you can access its updateTowerProgress. THIS page is always a good reference.

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Awesome, i'll try that out asap! And be sure to let you know if it works :D –  Kevin Jensen Petersen Jan 26 '13 at 22:00

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