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this ones a head ache! From my understanding of laravel's flash method for sessions, once it has been set then called, it will be destroyed...

Session::flash( 'key', $data );

somewhere down the line

{{ Session::get( 'key' ) }}

I am using this for form validation. Now when the form does not validate, the application displayed the error, if I amend the form and post again, the database updates, the details are displayed correctly, but the error appears again! This is the same for if I post the form that doesn't validate, it displays the error, but if I then click the navigation link for the same page, it displays again!

Anyone come across this?



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How have you confirmed that the flash data is the problem? Can you post your validation code? – hayhorse Nov 5 '13 at 2:33
I have same issue also !! – Mohammad Walid Jul 4 '14 at 18:18

I had this problem once when I did a return view() / return View::Make when it should be a return redirect()->route() in my Controller@update method.

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Out of the laravel docs:

The flash method stores an item in the session that will expire after the next request. It's useful for storing temporary data like status or error messages.

This means, it's available at the current and also the next request. It does not get flushed automatically if you access it. To do so, use Session::flush('key');.

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It's probably some other issue with your code, if you could share your code it would help us get a better insight into this issue.

You can use the below code snippet to Flash Error messages to your laravel blade template.

@if (Session::has('message'))

    <div class="alert alert-success">{{Session::get('message')}}</div>

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I once had similar issue because i used Session::reflash() in my controller.

Ensure you don't have Session::reflash() somewhere in your controller or anywhere in your application, as it flashes whole session... use example: Session::keep(array('username', 'email')); to reflashing only A Subset Of Flash Data

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An easy way to flash a message once when you are creating a view (and not redirecting) is:

Session::flash($key, $value);
Session::push('flash.old', $key);

Refer here.

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