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My firefox extension loads content from a 3rd party site into an overlay panel. This content is user generated and sometimes will, for instance, have an image tag that does not close which causes a mismatched tag error to be thrown and the extension fails. Is there any way I can sandbox this content so that these kind of errors are not an issue? I was thinking maybe load the content into a blank iframed page.. but was wondering if there might be a cleaner solution.

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Yes, the iframe sounds reasonable. Ensure it runs with the appropriate security context for the site it's coming from — you don't want user scripts to run with chrome privileges. – bobince Sep 21 '09 at 0:13
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Unfortunately, unless you're getting back XML, there is no XPCOM solution for parsing. Your best bet is what you suggested - placing the content in an iframe.

You can find some more discussion about the topic at:

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Your guess about an iframe was correct, there's no better way to do it (as of Firefox 3.5): Parsing HTML From Chrome on MDC

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