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I have a JSON object that I unfortunately need to convert to XML. The XML has to be very specific including what parts are attributes and what parts are values. Is there any JSON to XML javascript tool that will allow one to specify which parts are attributes?

For example, this JSON (ignore any formatting errors in this JSON example as I'm just typing it - assume the actual JSON is correctly formatted):

{content: { type: "text", content: "blah blah blah" }}

to this XML:

<content type="text">blah blah blah</content>


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Json.net would be for serverside conversions

i have alos linked a github project. if it doesnt support your needs out of the box you can massage it to support your conversions


Github json to xml

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The answer seems to be no. I ended up going through the JSON in a custom function, converting each part to xml strings, concatenating them together, and then running jQuery.parseXML() on it. Maybe not the most elegant, but it got the code into perfect (for my situation) XML.

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