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when fragment use addToBackStack(null) method and click a method many times in an activity, the fragment page will save to back stack everytime, when I press back key, it will restore the same page, how to add the same fragment to stack just one time?

    mSettingBtn.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {

        public void onClick(View v) {
            SettingFragment settingFragment = new SettingFragment();

            FragmentTransaction transaction = getFragmentManager().beginTransaction();
            transaction.replace(R.id.left_framelayout, settingFragment);
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When adding your Fragment to the backstack you should also pass a TAG to be able to identify that Fragment:


Prior to adding the Fragment you will be able to check if this Fragment is allready in the backstack using :


This will return null if the Fragment is not allready added.

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Param passed to addToBackStack() can be used to retrieve the whole BackStackEntry object, not just a single fragment. In order to set the fragment tag, consider using 3-param versions of add(int, Fragment, String) and replace(int, Fragment, String) –  m1shk4 Sep 19 '13 at 15:00
so how would you retrieve the fragment by tag after hitting the back button? Where and how would this be done? Something like: ListFragment 1 (click listView row, commit transaction with tag) >>> ListFragment 2 >>> (click) BACK BUTTON >>> retrieve/restore ListFragment 1 via tag without reloading data –  whyoz Mar 20 at 19:52
@whyoz the Fragment will be restored for you, you don't have to manually re-add it or whatever, this will be done by Android, if you properly used Fragments and the back stack –  Ovidiu Latcu Mar 20 at 21:04
what if the Fragment is reusing the same class? Say Fragment 1 is named "LF" and you want to click on a row and load another "LF" (Fragment 2). Fragment 1 passes a string to Fragment 2 which loads different data, but it's using the same class (LF). Logic would say use that string like addToBackStack(string), then I hit back and getFragmentMangager().findFragmentByTag(string) returns null?? I am using replace instead of add if that makes a difference. –  whyoz Mar 20 at 22:09

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