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I tried to update the existing user object into DB using Entity Framework.

I newly added some UserFavourite items and sent to UpdateUser method. But it saves only Id and Name, not UserFavourites.

My Controller code

List<UserFavourite> submittedFavouriteCollection=//prepared from view

User existingDBUser = AdminService.SelectUserById(int Id);

foreach (UserFavourite fav in submittedFavouriteCollection)
      fav.Modified = currentTime;
      fav.Modifier = modifier;


EF Class skeleton and Update method

public class User{
    public int Id{get;set;}
    public string Name{get;set;}
    public EntityCollection<UserFavourite> UserFavourites{get;set;}
    //other EF properties

public User UpdateUser(User userToSave)
    using (MyContext entities = new MyContext(GetSqlConnectionString()))
        var usr = from rd in entities.Users
                    where rd.Id == userToSave.Id
                    select rd;

        userToSave.Modified = DateTime.Now;


        return userToSave;

How can i add/delete/update favourites of the User in Entity Framework? What is the right way of doing?

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The EntityCollection<UserFavourite> needs to be virtual.

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